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Novelty Fiction is a publisher of books, e-books, audio books and more. Our company is an independent publisher, focusing on exclusive content for our Book Club.

We currently review submissions in the multiple genres that are listed on our website. We will consider stories of virtually any length. Furthermore, aspiring authors are welcome to contact us, so that at least we can get acquainted.

To learn more about us, please visit our website.

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    Become a Paid Reader for Novelty Fiction

    3 years ago

    Traditional publishing methods are proving difficult to sustain as digital technology for distribution of literature has multiplied the amount of content available, leading some authors and publishers to opt for giving...

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    5 Simple Steps For Choosing and Submitting Your Manuscript to an Independent Publisher

    4 years ago

    Independent publishers are an important medium between large presses who deal only with known authors and literary agents and vanity presses that demand upfront payment and rarely provide any sort of opportunity for...

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    An Independent Book Publishing House

    2 years ago

    In case you have been wondering how to publish your book, Novelty Fiction may be the right choice for you. It is one of the new book publishing houses that are both fiction publishers and non fiction publishers. For...

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    Animal Rights Trilogy (II)

    4 years ago

    Banchroft was getting a bit sore with himself for being so inarticulate towards the wolfist and a handyman who was giving him an extended tour of the grounds. “King Leopold is no less impressive than his name,...

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    Manuscripts Must Be Editable

    4 years ago

    Don’t pay to get published! This maxim presupposes that the manuscript is publishable. At the very least, it must be editable in the sense that it can be made publishable with proper editing. Then the key question...

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    What Makes a Manuscript Publishable

    4 years ago

    There is this long-running debate over fees to get published. Never pay to get published! That is a good principle to follow. Novelty Fiction certainly would not charge an author to publish their work. Nor would we...

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    Animal Rights Trilogy (I)

    4 years ago

    Benjamin Banchroft, Barrister, had spent the better part of his life walking between his offices at Giggley, Spells & Mueller and the Old Bailey. Most of his adult life, at least. The better part of his childhood...

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